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About Her

Bianca is an Asian American artist from SF.  She graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Studio Art. Her art is influenced by illustrative styles and traditional Asian art elements. 

Art Mediums

Bianca primarily works with watercolor, pencil, colored pencil, acrylic paint and clay. She enjoys creating mixed media pieces in various styles. 

Art Styles

Bianca aims to create pieces that spark optimism, a sense of resilience, strength and a happy feeling.  Her pieces range from simple to complex.

Watercolor Dumbo Balloon.jpg

Cute + Kawaii

Cute characters that are cheerful. adorable and vibrant. 

Watercolor Flower Girl.jpg


Ceramic Tri-leg Planter.jpg

Simple Shapes

Drawings with color to add character.

Simple satisfying shapes and silhouettes. 

Ceramic Dragon Wave Close Up.jpg

Detailed Ceramics

Lionfish (edit).jpg

Animal Illustrations

Acrylic Sunset Painting.jpg


Carefully Crafted Handmade Ceramics.

Animals rendered in Watercolor

Landscapes that transport you to a more peaceful place.

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